10 Best Vastu Tips to consider before constructing your house

If your house is either under construction or you are planning to start your house construction then implement these Best Vastu Tips for your overall prosperity

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Best Vastu Points to consider before constructing your house - Modernhomesguide.com
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Last Updated on March 17, 2021.

Vastu is an old-age practise that follows specific rules to develop positive energy in surroundings and eliminate negative energy.

Even Vastu Shastra is named as the Science of architecture.

These rules have a significant impact on the homeowner’s life.

This old-age practice brings prosperity, success and peace in their life.

In addition to it, the science of architecture has been occupied in India from the ancestor’s time.

Vastu rules are implemented while preparing the construction site, designing, and deciding the house’s specific place.

Vastu is about choosing the position and direction of the room and deals with the accurate use of colour and decorative elements.

If your house is either getting constructed or you want to start your house construction, then implement these Best Vastu Tips for your prosperity and well-being.

This is because you can make or plan all the changes in the early stage.

So, by following Vastu Shastra suck out all the negative vibes from your home before constructing the house building.

Now the question is: Which Vastu points to consider?

Here is your answer.

The Best Vastu Tips mentioned below can be applied by yourself or by a professional Vastu Consultant easily before you start constructing your dream and luxurious house.

10 Vastu Tips for building a new house

Which are the 10 Best Vastu Tips to consider before House Construction?

1. Perform the Bhoomi Pooja

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Vastu Shastra strongly favours the Bhoomi Poojan before commencing the construction.

The worship of mother earth is essential.

In addition, Bhoomi Poojan is auspicious.

It leads to the smooth and hassle-free construction of your house.

So, do not forget to do it.

2. Accurate Direction of Main entrance

The sun rises in the east direction. It is not only the most fantastic source of energy but also of light.

Henceforth, according to the Vastu, your house’s main entrance should be in the east direction or facing the North-East Direction.

When you are planning about the layout of your home, then keep this point in your wind.

Sometimes the homeowner already planned the direction of the main entrance and can create the window towards the east to solve the issue.

3. Location of the Bedroom

The southwest corner is promising for the location of the bedroom.

For the peaceful sleep, keep the bed in the south, west or east corner.

Make sure that your bed will be placed in the north direction.

You can select greens and browns to create a lively and earthy bedroom.

In addition to it, Vastu recommends that the shape of the bedroom is either square or rectangular only.

Along with it, make the entrance of your room in the north or east direction.

Build your home as per the Vastu Tips for house construction
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Build your home as per the Vastu Tips

4. The direction of the Kitchen

Make the kitchen layout in such a way that it locates on the Southeast corner of the house.

It is believed that making the food by facing the east direction is auspicious.

Keep the one thing in your mind that the kitchen and main entrance should not be in front of each other.

In addition to it, do not construct the kitchen and prayer hall or lavatory adjacent to each other.

5. Choosing the right plant

No doubt, greenery adds the freshness to the interior of the home.

If you wish that seeds are being planted while the construction phase chooses those seeds that do not produce the milk.

This is because the seeds that have milk can act as a barrier to your house’s peace.

In addition to it, you can choose the lilies, money plants or so on.

6. Planning the washrooms

As per the Vastu Shastra recommendations, lavatories (or toilets) should be constructed in the north-west corner or to the south-east corner of your house.

Draw your house’s structure in such an order that the kitchen, prayer halls (or temples), and lavatories are not adjacent to each other.

7. The northern corner

When it comes to the water elements, these are RO water filtration, ponds, pools, or washrooms.

All of these can be kept in the northern corner of the house.

This is because it will ensure financial growth.

In addition to it, if you do have the right north corner, then you can prefer the northeast corner.

8. The direction of the living room

The living room is a great place and grabs the attention of the guests.

The north-east face of the house is of supreme quality. This corner is the house of good and positive vibration.

If you have the living room in the north-east direction, it ensures that masses are more harmonious.

9. Balcony

The balcony is where you feel relaxed, do the gardening, and pursue too many activities.

The direction of your balcony should be in the north or the north-east.

In addition to it, you can keep the small plants and flowers in the north-east direction.

The homeowners can prefer the square and geometric seating on the balcony.

10. Colours are powerful

Do not compromise with picking the colours.

This is because colours have a significant impact on the mood. It can be negative or positive.

So, choose shades with care.

Vastu experts prefer blue, yellow, white, and green colours.

Vastu Tips for south-facing houses

The majority of homeowners find that south-facing houses are problematic.

This is because of a lack of information.

On the other side, as per the principles of Vastu, these kinds of homes can be highly encouraging, especially when some specific rules will be followed.

Here is the list of things that you will have to keep in mind.

  • The entrance of the house must be located on the 4th step of the south direction.
  • Sit with your back in the south direction, and your face is in the north direction.
  • The walls which are located in the south direction should be more decadent and thick. These walls should have a low number of openings like ventilation, doors or windows. In addition to it, you can construct the boundary or fence wall in the south direction.
  • The homeowners should install the Mangal Yantra in the south-east direction. Follow the procedure of Shukla Paksha.

Vastu tips for west-facing houses

  • Do not locate the entrance in the 7th, 8th, and 9th portions of the west side.
  • Avoid buying flats, plots that have south-east or south-east extension.
  • Do not locate the kitchen in the southwest direction.
  • The entrance location should be in the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th portions of the west direction.
  • The walls in the south and west direction should be thicker and higher than the east and north direction.
  • Ensure that your child’s room should be located in the north-west, south, or west directions.
Vastu Tips for a House

Vastu tips for east facing houses

The majority of masses prefer east-facing homes. Here is the list of essential things to consider in the case of east-facing houses.

  • Toilets should not be located in the north-east. In addition to it, the bedroom should not be in the north-east corners.
  • The sizes of the trees are not significant in the east and north of the house.
  • Do not keep the dustbin in the north-east and north direction.
  • The location of the kitchen should be in the north-west or south-east.
  • The guest room can be located in the north-west direction.

Vastu Tips for the north-facing homes

  • Toilets must not be located in the north-east.
  • The bedrooms should not be constructed in the north-east corner.
  • Do not build the kitchen in the north-east direction.
  • Do not keep the dustbin towards the north and north-east direction.
  • The bedroom of the guest can be located in the north-west.
  • The east and north walls should be shorter and thinner compared to the west and south walls.

Final Summary

These are the essential Vastu tips for house construction which you can consider.

To bring prosperity and success, you can follow the Vastu Tips for house construction and take guidance.

In addition to that, make sure that they do not construct the temple, water or fountain paintings in the bedroom.

This is because it can become the reason for emotional outbursts.

Choose a neutral colour for the bedroom walls.

In addition to it, you can also choose earthy shades because it brings positive energy.

In the end, keep all the Vastu Tips in your mind while designing your house.

You can build your home as per the Vastu Tips for house construction.

So, the first step is to make the structure of your house as per these Vastu Tips.

Due to it, you will not face any problem after constructing the house.  

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