Ultimate guide to save money on your household bills [2021]

There are many methods that can help you to save a lot of money on household bills such as gas, water, electricity, mobile, etc.

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Ultimate guide to save money on your household bills - Modernhomesguide.com
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Last Updated on August 12, 2021.

Are you facing the problem of rising household bills?

If the answer is yes, then you are required to save money.

Cutting costs on the household bills is quite easy and you can save a lot of money.

We are discussing the guide that will give the insight to save money on household utilities.

How to save money on Utility Bills?

Which household bills can you cut down to save money?

1. Lower down your home internet-based household bills

There are many suppliers that will help to reduce your monthly internet bills and phone expenses.

You can follow the below mentioned simple tips to save on household bills related to your home internet:-

  • You can call the internet suppliers and ask for better deals
  • Also, take the help of a price comparison website for finding the best internet connection deals as per your budget
  • Match the internet connection deal according to your lifestyle. If you use a lot of data then get a deal with some discount offer on internet usage

2. Cut your mobile bill expenses

Is your phone contract going to expire?

Are you looking for a good deal to get the latest handset?

You must follow certain tricks to reduce your household bills related to mobile phone and mobile calling:-

  • You can utilize online tools to analyze monthly mobile bills
  • You can also negotiate with mobile phone vendors
  • Also, don’t forget to get a discount with a reasonable deal on mobile phone and connection

3. Reduce the cost on the water-related household bills

Are you experiencing a high monthly water bill and are out of your budget?

There are many tips that will help to save a lot of money on your water bill:-

  • Consume less water
  • Take baths rather than a shower. Or get an efficient showerhead installed so that you save water

4. Avail connections from low-cost electricity and gas vendors to save household bills

There are various energy suppliers that are looking for loyal customers.

So, you must grab the opportunity and look for a supplier that could provide you with a better deal and hence helping you save on household bills related to utilities such as Cooking Gas, etc.

  • You can switch to direct debit payment for cutting down the expenses
  • Reduce your thermostat by one degree. It would help to reduce at least 10 percent of the heating bill
  • You can also consider collective switching
Money-saving is essential
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Money-saving on household bills is essential

5. Are you spending a lot of money on municipal tax?

You must ensure that you are not charged high on the municipal tax.

6. Decrease costs on public transport and driving expenses

Travel costs are a major expense that makes up a large portion of your spending. There are many ways to reduce your travel costs whether you are driving or using public transport.

  • You can find low-cost car insurance
  • Buy fuel from Petrol Bunks, Petrol Pumps, or Gas Stations which offer discounts on debit and credit cards
  • Book your bus, train, and flight tickets in advance

6. Pay household bills on time

The late payment of the fees can make a hole in your pocket.

So, ensure that the bills are paid timely.  You can use the below-mentioned tricks to pay your bills:-

  • Pay your utility bills on a regular basis either by using your debit card, credit card, UPI, Netbanking, etc
  • Keep the record of payment made and plan accordingly
  • You can interact with the people that you owe money to in case you are struggling

Tips to save money on your household bills

Your financial fitness can be improved by saving money.

Hence, we are discussing certain tips that will help to save your money.

1. Create your budget

You must make your budget and plan your financials ahead of time.

The budget offers discipline and structure and guidance to move for financial healthy habits.

You can plan for bills, income and expenses for the coming months.

The detailed budget will help you to manage utility bills, monthly, yearly and quarterly expenses.

In this way, you can save your money.

The budget is a detailed, long-range and automated document.

2. Open a savings account

You can open a bank account and keep separate cash reserves for bills and living expenses.

It is better to access the bank account in a difficult way.

Now, you can enjoy your savings growing.

Also, keep your access card in a safe place.

When the savings become bigger then you can convert the balance into term deposits.

3. Automate your savings

Now, you have opened a dedicated bank account, you can request the banker to set an automatic transfer such as Recurring Deposits, etc.

It is required so that every money that is received gets deposited directly into your saving account.

The main goal is to keep your savings separate from money to be spent.

Also, the person adjusts their lifestyle according to the income.

4. More money is saved with less spending

It is a misconception that the income must be high in order to save the money.

However, the high income helps to save money but there is no guarantee.

It is a fact that high earners are high spenders. It is also not assured that the person with luxuries has any savings in the bank.

5. Track your spending

It is quite essential to track daily spending.

The bank statement will tell how much money is coming in and going out of the account.

You can also compare it with your budget.

6. Pay off credit card

Paying the credit card bill is quite important to save money on late payment fees and interest charges.

7. Focus on recurring expenses

Check your bank statement and analyze which things you have spent the money on.

Are these expenses recurring?

If these expenses are recurring then keep an eye on them.

8. Smooth your bills

Bill smoothing is a system given by utility providers such as water, gas, and electricity during any time of natural calamity such as Floods, Earthquakes, etc.

Bill smoothing is a way of paying smaller amounts more frequently to the provider who is billing you, rather than paying one large bill a few times a year.

Electricity providers in major cities and small towns of India provided bill smoothing during the Covid19 Pandemic in 2020.

Bill smoothing prevents the people having tight budgets from bills and prevents them from going into shock.

The ability to save money is influenced by how much is earned.

The less money is spent the more you can save.

Ideas to save money on living expenses

1. Mortgage

It is a perfect time to make a comparison rate and seek a cheap home loan.

2. Housing

If you have a spare room in your home then a roommate or a lodger can help to reduce the share of household costs.

They help to generate income.

3. Insurance

You can review the insurance costs.

The right insurance broker will help to compare policies and coverages.

4. Utilities

You can use an online utility aggregator for checking cheap utility power prices.

5. Groceries

Plan your meal in advance.

You can spend on the household and food supplies.

6. Transport

You can do car-pooling or riding a bus.

Saving money on monthly bills
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Saving money on monthly household bills

How to save on your utility-based household bills, especially electricity bills?

Electricity plays an important role in our daily life.

It provides comfort, refrigeration, cooling, entertainment and heating.

The electricity bills are a major part of home bills.

1. Figure out where you are using electricity

More than 50 percent of electricity is spent on cooling and heating the home.

There are certain ways that will help to reduce your cooling and heating expenses.

The outdoor equipment is free of weeds, debris and mulch.

Clean your AC filter daily as it decreases strain on your AC system.

Also, make sure that the AC is serviced on a annual basis.

2. Install Wi-Fi thermostat to decrease usage

The wifi thermostat can help to save 23 percent on the cooling and heating.

The thermostat companies help you to learn the use of air-conditioning and heating in the home.

You can adjust the heating and cooling automatically.

You can adjust the thermostat remotely from the mobile phone.

How to save on cooking gas household bills?

The quick manner to save your water heating bill is to adjust the temperature on the water heater.

You can flush out the water heater. The flushing of water helps to remove minerals that can damage the water heater.

You can also use cold water in the washing machine.

If you wash the clothes with hot water even then you can rinse the clothes with cold water.

You can save a lot by not using hot water in the washing machine.

How to save money on your Electricity household bills?

How to reduce the mobile household bills?

You can check data usage and plan accordingly.

You can also use Wi-Fi wherever possible.

Also, limit your international phone calls.


We have discussed various ways so that you can save your utility bills.

There are many methods that help to save a lot of money on gas, water, electricity, and mobile bills.

Also, you must analyse each and every thing and plan accordingly.

Seek your income and expenses and do the spending accordingly.

We hope that implementing these tricks and steps will help to save money on your household bills.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go implement these simple tricks in your life.

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