12 tips to select the best portable Bluetooth speaker

The portable Bluetooth speakers provide an effective and comfortable solution as they can be carried with ease to listen to quality audio anytime anywhere

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12 tips to select the best portable Bluetooth speaker - Modernhomesguide.com
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Good quality of sound is quite important to enjoy your favorite music.

You will find that media on smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones can be played anywhere but the inbuilt speakers in them don’t deliver the desired audio quality.

Hence, we trust quality audio speakers for high-quality audio.

However, they are bulky, heavy, require a power source, and are wired. Bluetooth portable speakers have made our work quite easy.

The portable Bluetooth speakers provide an effective and comfortable solution as they can be carried, with ease, around anywhere at your home or workplace. You don’t have to deal with cumbersome cables either.

You will find many options of portable Bluetooth speakers in the market.

Below are a few tips that will help you to select the right portable Bluetooth speaker for yourself to enjoy your music at the best audio quality.

What are wireless speakers and why you must go for them?

A wireless speaker enables you to connect with your music player, a mobile phone, or a Laptop, without cables.

You just have to pair the device with a tablet, mobile, and computer and connect with the loudspeaker. You can connect it with a wireless network such as Wi-Fi, NFC- near-field communication, or Bluetooth.

Based on the selected speaker, you will get the connectivity options.

However, this article is related to Bluetooth connectivity.

Portable Bluetooth speaker, an effective and comfortable device
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Portable Bluetooth speaker, an effective and comfortable device

Tips to select the best portable Bluetooth speaker

1.  Compact and lightweight

Are you worried about where you will keep the speaker in your luggage while on the romantic gateway?

You must go for wireless and compact speakers.

There are many brands of Bluetooth speakers that will fit in your baggage. You can take them anywhere.

Select the one with less than 15 cm. The Bluetooth speakers come with great sound quality.

2.  Sound quality

Sound is an important factor for buying loudspeakers.

There are mainly four factors that will tell you that the speaker has good sound.

  • Frequency range
  • Output power
  • Impedance
  • Sound system

The output power is the watts that are emitted by the loudspeaker. It is connected with the sound in decibels.

The small speakers don’t have much power due to their small size. The 15 and 20 watts are enough to get around 80 dB. Also, we don’t get to use the volume at its maximum level.

Another important thing that tells about the quality of sound is the frequency range. It is the spectrum that is audible. The greater is the frequency range of the Bluetooth speaker, the more clear sound is perceived.

The next point is the sound system. Any audio system consists of many channels.

These channels are a speaker that emits the sound. You must have heard about 5.1, 2.1, and more. It means that there are five full speaker range and one subwoofer for brass.

Then comes impedance. The resistance is measured in ohms that are treated with electric current and are connected with power.  The higher is the resistance, the lower the power that the speaker emits. The lower impedance is directly proportional to sound quality.

3.  Battery backup and quick charging

Certain models have batteries that enable 10 hours of music playback with just a single charge.

The normal Bluetooth speaker must have at least 6 hours of payback when fully charged.

Also, charging time is another thing. Some models get charged fast while others don’t.

4.  Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity is quite important. It makes the pairing of two devices quite easy.

5.  Compatibility

Make sure your Bluetooth speakers come with the latest version of Bluetooth technology or firmware.

If the sender device with which you are pairing has an older version, then you may get a connectivity issue.

You have to make sure that the speaker is compatible with lower Bluetooth versions too.

Choose the right Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Choose the right Portable Bluetooth Speaker

6.  Hands-free feature

Imagine that you are listening to music on the speaker connected to your mobile and you receive a call. Then What?

If the speaker has a built-in microphone then you can use it hands-free.

When the music gets cut then the call is answered by clicking the button on the speaker. And when the call is finished then you hang up and music is played.

7.  Connect multiple speakers

You can find this option in fewer Bluetooth wireless speakers. It comes mostly in Wi-Fi home speakers.

If you want to create surrounding sound in the room then a single speaker is not enough. You have to put two or more speakers to various points.

8.  Design

Have you ever given a thought that where the Bluetooth speaker will be kept in your home? On the dining table or on the wall?

You can place it in a visible space like a table or bookcase. Select the Bluetooth with the right design.

You can take it to the party, the beach and wherever you want.

9.  Simple controls

Daily activities push the things to do quickly. You don’t have time to read instructions and learn how to make it function. You can turn it on, pair it and enjoy.

You only require a few controls on the Bluetooth speaker that will help to function certain basic functions.

Most of the time, you are required to have a power button, volume control, play/pause button, Bluetooth pairing button, and a button to answer calls.

10.  Buy as per your need

You must give a thought that why you are buying this Bluetooth speaker. Is it for parties, outdoor activities, or anywhere else?

There is a wide range of models for different purposes. You can take it for camping, barbecue, or even on a bike.

If you are using it outdoors then select the model with good output power and high sound. It must have at least 85 decibels of sound.

Also, take care of the battery with a minimum of 10 hours of playback.

If the speaker is big with a handle then you can carry it with ease.

Also, make sure that the speaker is water-resistant.

11.  Durability

You can check the durability of the speaker by going through reviews.

The speaker must withstand the blows.

Certain Bluetooth speakers come with aluminum housing and are more resistant than plastic.

12.  Price

You must select the one as per your need. Don’t buy an expensive one as it is an electronic product that will get damaged. Select the speaker as per your need.

How to Choose a Portable Bluetooth Speaker


You must always select the speaker according to the above-mentioned points. These points will help you to make the right decision. So, always select the one that is according to your need and specification.

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